Mr. Farrell's Home Page

  • Welcome to Mr Farrell's Home Page.  I instruct students who receive Academic Intervention Services in Reading.  We work in a small group setting to improve reading skills. My goal is to help primary school students develop effective strategies and skills to read to their fullest potential. Multiple reading strategies can help a child become a strong reader.  Prompting a child as they read is very important as they grow as a reader.  A few of the things that you can ask your child as he or she reads is as follows:

      1. Does that make sense?

      2. Does that sound right?

      3  Does that look right?

      4. Did you look at the picture?

      5. Did you think about the story?

      6. Did you stretch the tricky words (sounds)?

      7. Did you get your mouth ready for the first sound?

      8. Did you add on the endings?

      9. Did you reread?

      10. Did you find a little word that you do know in the tricky word that can help you?


       Please feel free to contact me at school with any questions.