Sociology/SOC 101

  • Fall 2017 Class Schedule

    A/C Days Block 4  Room 73 (Upton Hall)

    Course Description

    This course is a study of the major factors affecting the structure and functioning of group life.  Social patterns such as cultural values, deviance, class structure, and social change will be explored.  Upon completion, each student will understand the methods and perspectives sociologists employ, as well as the ways groups force influences the individual in society. This year, Sociology will be taught as a "hybrid" class.  Students enrolled for GCC credit will simultaneously be taking the class "online" thru GCC.  The goal is to give the student an experience in taking a class online, with the support of a traditional classroom environment.   Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive three credit hours from GCC, as well as, graduation credit from BHS. 



    Andersen, Margaret, Kim A. Logio, and Howard F. Taylor.  (2005). Understanding Society: An

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    Henslin, James M.  (2006). Essentials of Sociology: Core Concepts, 2nd Edition. New York: Pearson