Batavia Sports Offerings

  • The Batavia City School District is a member of the Monroe County Public School Athletic Association. The MCPSAA is recognized as one of the top leagues in New York State. The district offers many options for our students. We offer 26 sports teams: thirteen for both the girls and boys teams. There are currently 66 teams which include the Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified A and 7th-8th grade levels.

    Girls Sports

    Soccer               Varsity     JV     Modified B  (7-8)

    Cheerleading      Varsity             Modified A (7-9)
    Tennis               Varsity             Modified A (7-9)
    Volleyball           Varsity     JV     Modified B  (7-8)
    Cross Country     Varsity    JV     Modified B (7-8)
    Gymnastics        Varsity
    Swimming          Varsity 

    Basketball          Varsity     JV     Modified B (7-8)

    Cheerleading      Varsity     JV      Modified B (7-8)
    Indoor Track       Varsity    JV      Modified B (7-8)
    Alpine Ski           Varsity             Modified B (7-8)

    Softball              Varsity     JV     Mod A (7-9) and Mod B (7-8)

    Outdoor Track     Varsity    JV     Modified B (7-8)

    Boys Sports

    Soccer               Varsity             Modified A (7-9)
    Football             Varsity     JV     Modified B (7-8)
    Cross Country     Varsity             Modified B (7-8)

    Basketball          Varsity     JV     Modified A (7-9)  Modified B (7-8)  
    Wrestling           Varsity     JV     Modified B (7-8)
    Indoor Track       Varsity    JV      Modified B (7-8)
    Alpine Ski           Varsity             Modified B (7-8)
    Ice Hockey          Varsity

    Swimming          Varsity

    Baseball             Varsity     JV    Modified A (7-9)   Modified B (7-8) 
    Tennis                Varsity            Modified A (7-9)
    Golf                   Varsity     JV
    Outdoor Track     Varsity     JV    Modified
    Lacrosse             Varsity     JV    Modified  (7-8)