Batavia Blue Devils Athletic Hall of Fame - Presented by the Batavia Coaches Association


     The Batavia Coaches Association (BCA) is proud to sponsor the Batavia Blue Devils Athletic Hall of Fame.  When the BCA was initially formed in 1998, one of the four main objectives of the BCA was start an Athletic Hall of Fame in an effort to formally recognize those individuals from Batavia High School Athletics who have attained a high degree of success, provided tremendous contributions to Batavia Athletics, and displayed good citizenship. 


    An induction ceremony is held annually in early fall to try to coincide with the school’s homecoming weekend. The inaugural class of 11 inductees was recognized in 2002. Since the induction class of 2002, an additional 60 individuals have been inducted. In 2004, the BCA recognized the outstanding accomplishments of the 47 Club.  The BCA and Hall of Fame Comittee also honored the special achievements of the 1991 State Championship Football Team during the 2005 ceremony. 



    Please submit nominations on the form included below.




    Batavia Blue Devils Hall of Fame Members



    2002 Inductees

    2003 Inductees

    2004 Inductees

    2005 Inductees

    Edward Allen 1936

    Ramon DiSanto 1947

    Richard Davies 1950

    Richard Cecere 1955

    Robert Bird 1946

    James Gerrety 1941

    Larry Falkowski 1941

    William Cecere 1947

    Don Bosseler 1953

    Ellen Hawver 1943-1958

    Vincent Constantino 1959

    Dean Hansen 1954

    George Bosseler 1950

    Pat Moretto 1953

    Charles Cullison 1943-1968

    Ray Jamalkowski 1949

    William Bosseler 1966

    Robert Radley 1949

    Pep Johnson 1959

    John Kreydt 1970-1995

    Rose Caccamise 1958

    Richard Raymond 1951

    Ronald Piazza 1954

    William "Jug" Meredith 1947

    Joseph DiFilippo 1947

    Rev. David Scheider 1941

    Tom Ricci 1969-1981

    George Raines 1949-1984

    Carmen Falcone 1934

    George Whittier 1951

    Jacqueline Stokes Miller 1980

    Marie Raines 1962-1991

    Richard Gahagan 1956


    47 Club

    Suzanne Raymond Swanson 1955

    Danny Van Detta 1932



    1991 Football Team

    Esther Van Detta 1932





    2006 Inductees

    2007 Inductees

    2008 Inductees

    2009 Inductees

    Connie Argulski 1951

    Patti Reed Darch 1966

    Buddy Houseknecht, Jr. 1968

    Thomas Briggs 1965

    Bob Hunt 1960

    Kevin Earl 1970

    Donald Johnson 1943

    Edward Dawson 1965

    Floyd "Tiny" Lee 1943

    Paula Reed Hanson 1965

    Douglas King 1964

    Joseph Fiannaca 1987

    Michael Patterson 1963

    Benjamin Meleca 1956

    Thomas Vincello 1961

    Nancy Platt 1963

    Jack Porter 1976-2006

    Todd Palmerton 1975-1993

    Nancy Viola 1981-1998

    Anthony Miceli 1963

    Ronald Setzer 1976-1989

    Richard Reinholtz 1959

    Jonathan Walton 1974

    Paul Sherwood 1946

    Beverly Gorecki Terol 1956

    Richard Ruhlman 1976


    Pat Woodring 1965

    Steve Waite 1960

    Williiam "Butch" Walters 1960



    Richard Wolff 1955




    2010 Inductees

    2011 Inductees

    2012 Inductees


    Don Cerefin 1947

    Wayne Benedict 1972

    William J. Walters 1923 


    Sharon Leising 1964

    Gerald Maley 1948

    Wendy Folger 1969 


    Barrry Sheldon 1967

    Kathy Hancock Marcus 1990

     Phillip Grazioplene 1987


    James Briggs 1969

    Brad Mazur 1991

    Patrick "Satch" Marabella 1957 


    James Dzierzanowski 1969

    William Monroe 1974

    Sue Medley 1982 


    Bruce Beswick 1970

    David Weiss 1985

     Robert Thurston 1985


    Ernest Found, Jr. 1970

    Michael Wormley 1985



    Matthew Doward 1986




    Teal Fowler 1989



    2013 Inductees

    2013 Inductees

    2015 Inductees


    Wayne Fuller 1965

    John J. "Jackie" Kelley 1954

    Ed Anderson 1965-1998 


    James Bernard 1981

    Thomas Hoitink 1965

    Bobbie Gavel 1969-1999 


    John Bernard 1980

    John Buckley 1972

    Shirley (Bacon) Malek 1982 


    Brett Wormley 1988

    Patrick Fricano 1980

    Ted Lesh 1989 


    Julie Redband Varland 1996

    Dr. Allyson (Shirtz) Howe 1990

    Jennifer (Brumsted) Masse 1991 


    Lance Cayea 1984

    Jamie (Callahan) Hulbig 1998

    Rob Hale 1992


    Todd Cayea 1986

    Maria (Spiotta) Dentino 1999

     Christopher Reigle 1992


    Michael Rogers 1990




     2016 Inductees

    2017 Inductees 

     2018 Inductees

    Karen Thomas DuPuis 1982

     Bruce Dedman 1973 Coleen Tooley Oleski 1965

     Christopher Kane 1986

    Joe Amico 1987   Steve Frieday 1968

     Susan Salvador Tresco 1986

     Ice Devils Hockey Team 1986-87  Rich Anderson 1976

     David Dedman 1989

     Jason Bibler 1991  Ice Devils Hockey Team 1994-95

     Frank Pontillo 1991

     Nate Hicks 1998  Michele Jones Smith 1982

     John McGowan Jr. 1995

     Brian Herdlein 1999 Gerry Carmichael 1983-2018 

     Jon Sanfratello 1992












    If you are aware of an individual from Batavia Athletics who deserves consideration for induction into the Batavia Blue Devils Hall of Fame, please note the following criteria for selection:

    1. The Hall of Fame will recognize outstanding athletes, coaches, administrators and significant contributors.  These might include worthy booster club presidents, parent volunteers, team doctors and other individuals who have contributed significantly to our athletic program.
    2. Athletes will become eligible five years after graduation and coaches five years after retirement from coaching.  The same time frame will be used for significant others.
    3. The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to his or her sport.  Typically this would be attaining All-County or All-State honors, all-time leading scorer, winning a state championship, etc...  The nominee must have exemplified character while representing Batavia Athletics and also in his/her lives following graduation.  He/she must be a positive role model, worthy of being emulated by current and future students.
    4. A member must continue to be a positive role model or they may be removed.

    Access the nomination form by clicking below and return the completed form to:


    Michael D. Bromley

    Director of Health, Physical Education, and Interscholastic Athletics

    260 State St., Batavia NY 14020

    Phone 585-343-2480 x 2003     Fax 585-344-8609




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