Help for Struggling Students

  • Help for a struggling English Language Arts Student


    Parents & Guardians:

                There are many things a student can do to improve his/her understanding of literature.  With guidance and encouragement your student will soon discover success!


    Quiz/Testing Accommodations:

                Students with testing accommodations need to be sure to use the accommodations when quizzes/tests/essays are given in class.  Students who use accommodations such as separate location and extended time typically have higher grades and overall experience less frustration.


    Google Classroom:

                Check our Google Classroom page for quiz dates and homework assignments.  Use this guide for time management purposes.


    Highlighting the text and notes:

                First of all the student needs a personal copy of the literature text (photocopy or purchase his/her own text).  Students who highlight the literature read in class can benefit greatly.  Highlighting requires students to actively interact with the text.  In addition comments and other notations may be made alongside the text.  This allows the student to revisit the text and recall what was reviewed/analyzed in class.  (Note: according to brain research yellow highlighters work best with the brain)  For our Shakespeare units the text is available at  Students can print a copy and bring it to class to actively highlight and record notes.


    Side By Side Text:

                Side by Side texts are available from various publishing companies.  Sides by side texts for each of our Shakespeare units are available in many of our ELA classrooms and in the BHS Library.  Students are welcome to use this text to aid in understanding.  Traditional Shakespearean language is recorded on one side and a paraphrased version is on the other side.  Students really appreciate using this text.  Extra copies are also available for use in our BHS Learning Center.



                The audio versions of classic literature titles are available in the BHS school Library and Richmond Library.  Audio is available at both locations on CD and Playaways.  Also check iTunes for audio that can be downloaded to an iPod.



    Vocabulary is also very important.  While reading literature students must have a working understanding of the literature used in the text.  Each literature unit covered in our class is paired with vocabulary.  Therefore it would be very beneficial for the struggling student to make flashcards and review the words and definitions daily.



                At the end of each act or the end of the play students will view the movie to reinforce the text.  Keep in mind director’s take license when putting together a movie – many times changes are made.  Therefore it is important that the student follow along carefully with the literature when read and reviewed in class.


    The Web:

                Various websites may prove helpful to a student struggling with literature.




    Various websites may prove helpful to a student struggling with writing/grammar etc.



    * Please note additional web sites are available on my teacher web page.


    Famous Lines:

                Reviewing famous/important lines/quotes can prove useful when helping a student understand the literature.  A quick search on the web can be helpful with identifying such lines/quotes.  Keep in mind our class will review and analyze significant lines to increase understanding.


    The Study Guide:

                The literature study guide provided in class can be very useful when preparing for a quiz/test.  We use the study guide to spark discussion and to increase understanding.  Extra copies of the study guide are always available in our classroom.  An extra copy at home could prove useful.


    Extra Credit:

                Students may earn extra credit by demonstrating planning/organizing/outlining on the benchmark essays.  For each plan a potential of five points are possible to earn – depending on how thorough and clear the plan is.  Also our first unit of the year requires student readers.  Students may volunteer to read a role aloud to earn extra credit.


    The Learning Center/English Clinic:

                Many struggling students enter The Learning Center and exit as successful students!!  A student who is willing to help him/herself can’t help but improve grades after daily visits to The Learning Center.


    Extended Day:

                Extended Day is located in the BHS Library from 3:15-4:20 PM Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday.  Teachers in all subject areas are available to assist students.  Bussing is available for transporting students home after 4:20 PM (prior arrangements must be made).


    Richmond Memorial Library

                Upon entering our local library a librarian is available at the Help Desk to assist patrons with questions.  Also the Help Desk may be accessed via the Internet at any hour!

    This is super helpful for 10th graders during the research paper unit.  Students may also use computers at the Richmond Library.  Students under 18 years of age will require an adult signature of permission in order to access computers.



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