• Homework:

     Homework is a vital part of the course and it's important to have it completed on time, as it is usually necessary for the class assignments.  It is almost always due the class period after it is assigned.  Students who do NOT have their homework when it's due, are expected to come in during activity period to complete the assignment.  Homework completed after school will receive 1/2 credit.  Some assignments may be accepted one day late for 1/2 credit; at teacher's discretion.

    Make up work:

      Any student who is absent from class is expected to come and see me ASAP upon return.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact me even if he/she does not have a class with me that day!  Any missed work is due the following class period.  Any missed tests or quizzes MUST be made up within 1 week.  Students who are out for an extended period of time will work with the guidance office and teachers to develop a make up plan that will meet the needs of the student.