12:1:1 Classroom Information

  • 12:1:1 Class

    Welcome Back! I'm so excited to start the 2017-2018 school year. This year our classroom will look very different. We will be splitting up the class into two groups. I will have the students from 17 years-21 years and there will be a new teacher for the 14-16 year old students. There will be many activities that we will do as a whole class but there will also be many activities that will be split up among the different age groups. Below is an outline of what our class will look like so you can see what your son or daughter will be working on.


    Morning Work: Morning work consists of work that is based on the needs of each student, based on their IEP goals & objectives. This work is completed when the students first come into school in the morning. If your son or daughter follows a different schedule, then this work is completed at a time that works for them. Most of the activities are organized in a binder and the students skills are monitored in a chart form.

    ELA: Our ELA class is broken up into three different centers. These centers consist of: Reading Passages, Writing, and Vocabulary. Students are engaged and learning various skills throughout this ELA center. The technology based site called I-Ready is also used to improve reading skills. We also focus on daily life skills that are embedded within the lessons throughout the centers.

    Math: Our Math class is also broken up into 5 different centers. The centers are based on results of Pre-Assessment information. We also use a technology based site to help students build their math skills called I-Ready. These centers change based on the progress of each student. Daily life skills are also embedded within the lessons thoughout the centers.

    Work Study: School Based: Every other day our class participates in the school based work study program. This where we are working on jobs around the school for people in our school community. The jobs we work on are as follows:


    1. Shredding

    2. Recycling paper & bottles

    3. Filing papers

    4. Office work

    5. Laminating

    6. Cutting

    7. Organizing papers in mailboxes

    8. Die Cuts

    Work Study: Community Based: This part of our work study is for our Seniors. This is where they will be working at a specific work site based on interest, ability, and availability. This program is a wonderful addition to our work study program and teaches our students valuable life lessons. Students are also earning a paycheck and learning ways to budget and handle money.

    Transition/BELL Class: Transition and BELL Class are classes that are taught every other day. Our transition class goes along with our Unique Learning Curriculum. There are a variety of lessons taught that help students conduct themselves for life after high school. These lessons also focus on daily life skills, behavior at the work place, basic resume work, and a variety of other skills. Our BELL Class (Bridges to Earning, Learning, and Living) focuses on skills that are directed for the workplace. We also focus on soft skills that our students will need to succeed on the job. This year we have introduced our new curriculum called Conover. This is a great program that engages students in videos, workplace readiness questions, resources, and activities.