BHS Batavian 2020 Yearbook


    This is your year! It's finally here! With your help, we can create a yearbook that's really a memory book, featuring biographies, baby pictures and quotes for ALL of the senior class. This will happen if you follow the yearbook deadline:

     December 2

    • senior pictures and baby pictures; senior pictures preferred in jpg format and can be emailed to; baby pictures can be an actual photo, preferably 3" x 4" with the senior being the ONLY person in the picture.
    • senior quotes and biographies;  all necessary forms can be found below
    • Then & Now pictures; these can be actual photos, preferably 3" x 4"; if you have the "now" please also submit that as well. Note: these pictures are to include only current seniors and must feature at least 2 people.
    • Senior ads; need text, optional photo and payment (see forms below)

    March 6-Yearbook orders; note you will be able to order yearbooks after this date BUT cannot get them with name engraving and the price will increase. 

    • Slide show pictures. If you want your page to be awesome, we need lots of pictures! Pictures can be actual photos (3" x 4" preferred) or jpg images that are emailed to Mrs. O. We will use 6-8 images on each slide if we have pictures; yearbook content will also be used on the slides. If more than 8 images are submitted, we may not use all of them as we try to represent all students equitably.
    FAILURE TO MEET THESE DEADLINES means that your preferred images, biography and quote may NOT be used in the 2020 yearbook! All senior pages will be finished by mid-February and we CANNOT make frequent edits and changes for late submissions. Hard copy image submissions and CDs will be returned in June.

    NOTE: we will TRY to use all images submitted for the then & now section but do not guarantee this; if we have many then images featuring the same group, we will use the best ones from the submissions and reserve the right not to use all so that we may represent the greatest variety of seniors.

    If you are taking yearbook as a class your primary task is to create the yearbook. We'll use Photoshop to edit pictures and InDesign to make the pages; in addition, many of you will collaborate on season summaries and news for varsity sports or news articles for major clubs and activities including the musical, Mr. Batavia, Model UN and Mock Trial, to name just a few.



    classwork & yearbook pages=75%

    Any questions? You can email me at

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