Home Exercises

  • Home exercises improve strength in postural muscles and arm/leg muscles and to increase endurance with these exercises.



    1.      Superman- Lying on your stomach on the floor, lift head, arms, and legs off of the floor and hold for 20 seconds.  Keep your elbows and knees straight. Your arms should be straight out in front of you.  Just like superman flying in the air.  Challenge yourself to hold the superman for 20 seconds one week and work to holding the superman 30 seconds the next week.  Keep challenging yourself to hold superman a little longer each week.  Superman works to increase your back, arm, and leg strength.  It helps to improve posture which important for desk activities.



    2.      Dead Bug/Cockroach- It has a funny  name but it is an important exercise.  Lay on your back on the floor and lift arms, legs, and head off of the floor.  Hold for 20 seconds.  Challenge yourself to hold this position for longer periods of time each week.  This is a wonderful exercise for abdominal muscles.  The dead bug position will help improve neck and abdominal muscle strength. 



    3.      Push-ups(modified)- Lay on your stomach on the floor.  Place hands on the floor at shoulder level.  Push up to hands and feet keeping back straight.  Slowly lower self down on the floor.   Repeat 10-15 times.  This is an exercise to strengthen your shoulder/arm muscles.


    4.      Crab walk-  Sit on the floor with feet placed on the floor and hands are behind you on the floor.  Lift your bottom off of the floor.  This is the crab position.  Move feet and hands forward to begin crab walking.  Crab walk from one room in your house to another.  Do not crab walk on uneven/unsafe surfaces such as stairs.  Keep your bottom off of the floor.  Try to crab walk farther distances each time, even if it is only 1 or 2 feet.  Crab walking strengthens your shoulder muscles which can help improve writing and fine motor activities.