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  • Welcome to the Batavia City Schools Occupational Therapy Department!

    We would like to take this opportunity to acquaint you with the diverse ways the Occupational Therapy program impacts your childs learning experience. The OT program provides services including individual and group therapy. In addition, push-in group lessons and inservicing is provided to a variety of classrooms and grade levels to further ensure that basic developmental principals are integrated into the classroom. This also allows us to consult with as well as collaborate with teachers.

    The primary objective of our department is to develop the attributes essential for a strong educational foundation. 

    They include:

      Increase physical strength             

             *Basic physical strength in the trunk, back and neck as well as physical stamina are necessary to give your hands freedom of movement, hold your head up and steady and free your mind for the higher processing needed in the classroom setting.

     Goal setting       

            *Developmental movement patterns and exercises are one of the most measurable and efficient ways to work on building the mental and physical stamina needed to complete a days work. 

    Organization of the sensory systems

            *We use developmental movement patterns to organize, modulate and integrate the sensory systems. This is so that students can more effectively receive and process the sensory information from the environment, organize this information and be able to efficiently execute fluid motor movements resulting in the students personal best performance in the classroom setting. 

    These basic foundations are essential for student success in the areas of written work, everyday life skills, ability to physically organize themselves, and develop the work habits that will provide an enduring, productive and positive school experience .