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  • Bar Harbor

    Teaching as always been apart of my life.  I have been teaching in Batavia for 15 years and taught in Florida for four years previous to coming to New York.  My husband, Brian, daughter, Paige and I have enjoyed being closer to family and welcoming our newest addition, Luna, who is a resuce dog from Kentucky.  I enjoy each and every day that I am able to help children.  I am very excited about this school year.  I will try my best to have every child learn the most they can and be successful. 

    This is my ninth year as a consultant Special Education Teacher.  I will be working along side Ms. McNally in Kindergarten and Mrs. Nelson in first grade.  We look forward to helping all children achieve success and become the best they can. 

    I will work together with both teachers to keep you informed of what is happening in your child's school day.  I will try to inform you of upcoming projects and strategies we may be working on in reading and math. I  will also send notes home.  It will explain different common core standards we have worked on or will be working on.  Please read these newsletters and if you have any questions, let me know.  Thank you.  

    Feel free to look at some of the links to informational and educational sites that are on the web page.  

    I hope to update periodically, so remember to come back and see what is new.

    I look forward to a "LUN"-tasic  year!!!


    Luna                                          Family