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    We will be using a spelling inventory from Jan Richardson to differentiate spelling for every child.  

    We work on short and long vowels and you can help your child review the rules and words by using magnetic letters, writing in sand, or putting letter cards together to make new words.

    The first lessons include short a; rag, tan, short e; bed, ten, short i; pig, tin, short o; pot, fog, short u; rug, run.

    We also work on making vowels say their name by adding e at the end of a word and using double vowels.  Examples include; cap to cape, tub to tube.  We say two vowels walking, the first one does the talking.  Examples; bail, meet, team.

    The eaiser it is to decode the words, the better they will become at understanding what they are reading.

    You can also help them understand what they are reading and relate it to their life by asking questions.  "What does this story make you think of?"  "When did we do something like that?"  "Where did we go?"  "How did you feel when you did that?"  "Why do you like or dislike it?"

    Keep up the good work and practice, practice, practice.                                                                     

    First Grade