• At the end of 11th grade, students take Regents examinations for US History and ELA. These two academic classes will be our primary focus in Enrichment. We will keep up with assignments and prepare ahead for tests, quizzes and ultimately, those Regents Exams. This is mainly accomplished through group review and extra help on vocabulary terms.

    Our other focus in Enrichment will be completing Transition activities, designed to help students prepare for the world beyond high school. These will include filling out job applications, thinking about career interests and skills, and preparing for a job interview. 

    Many students begin a BOCES program in their Junior Year.  This is an exciting new experience! There are many terrific programs and instructors at BOCES and we are fortunate to have it just across the street! Students, if you are enrolled at BOCES please do not get behind on your assignments there. Also, remember, your BOCES grade will be impacted by your attendance! If you ever need help or time in Enrichment to work on BOCES work, it is your responsibilty to let me know; we will make time to assist you with those assignments.