Operation Graduation - Exit Project

  • Operation Graduation 

    Operation Graduation is an opportunity for you to use the many skills and knowledge that you have acquired and developed from your experience as a student of Batavia City School District. With this project, you will be picking an issue about which you are passionate and which impacts the community as a whole. During your completion of the project, you will be researching both sides of the issue which will allow you to ultimately reach a proposed solution that may best resolve the issue. Don’t worry! Your teacher will help you complete this process each step of the way.

    You will:

    -         Choose a topic/issue

    -         Define that topic/issue

    -         Research the background of the topic/issue and how it impacts society today.

    -         Research those in favor of the topic/issue

    -         Research those opposed to the topic/issue

    -         Write a cumulative paper and give a multi-media presentation that covers the issue, background, supporters, opponents and your opinion of how to address this issue.


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