ABCs of Second Grade

  • Here is everything you and your child will need to know to have a successful year in second grade!



    Attendance - In order for your child to be successful in second grade, you need to make sure that they are in class as much as possible. The occasional missed day is acceptable, but the more your child is here, the more they will learn.

    Attitude - This is everything. Make sure you and your child maintain a positive attitude towards school and learning.

    Agendas - You need to check and sign agendas on a nightly basis. Your child is responsible for having you sign it every night to confirm that they read 20 minutes and completed their homework. You may also jot down a note for me to see when I check them every morning.


    Bathroom - We are so lucky to have a bathroom in the classroom. Students must log their name every time they use the bathroom. My rule is that students may use the bathroom at any point during the day, unless I am in the middle of teaching a whole group lesson.

    Birthdays - We will be celebrating birthdays using birthday bags. I will send home a bag, and you may send it back filled with goodies for your child to open on their birthday. You may fill it with toys or treats, your choice!

    Behavior Folder - Your child will be bringing home a black behavior folder every night. Inside, you will find a calendar where your child documents what color they were on for the day. Your initials on every day will let me know that you are keeping track of your child’s daily behavior.


    Class Dojo - I will be using Class Dojo as my positive reinforcement behavior system. Students earn points for good behaviors, such as following directions, working hard,  and helping others. Every 25 points means a new prize! You need to be connected so that you can see your child’s progress.

    Communication - Please stay in contact with me, regarding anything. My main source of communication will be Class Dojo. Contact me on there and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Conferences - We will hold conferences later in the fall. If you feel the need to set up something else, please contact me and I will be happy to meet with you.


    Den Leader - This is a special privilege that is given to two students per day. Since it is a privilege, it will only be awarded to students who go above and beyond. The den leaders are the teacher’s right hand! They will be in charge of everything during the day, from line leader to passing out materials. The den leaders get to sit in a special seat and use special materials on their work for the entire day, as well as a special privilege during fun Friday.

    Discipline - If a student is not following directions or being disrespectful, they will need to move their clip down on our behavior chart. Each student starts the day on green. If they move their clip, they can go to yellow, orange, and red. Each new color has a specific consequence. Your child will be documenting their daily behavior in their Behavior Folder.

    Dismissal - Make sure I have the correct dismissal information for your child. If you need to change your child’s normal dismissal routine, please write a note and I will turn it into the office for you.


    Expectations - Our class rules are simple: Follow directions quickly. Raise your hand for permission to speak. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. Make smart choices. Keep your dear teacher happy.

    Early Release Days - If our school has a half-day, we will dismiss at 11:15. We will follow the normal dismissal unless you send in a note saying otherwise.


    Forest Friends - This is our classroom theme. I try to incorporate the theme into every aspect of the classroom, including the way I speak to the class.

    Field Trips - We will go on a few field trips this year. I will be sending home information as each one approaches.

    Fun Friday - This is a 20 minute period at the end of every Friday (or sometimes Thursday, depending on the weekly schedule) where students earn free time. Fun Friday is a privilege, so in order to participate, your child must turn in their weekly homework packet and have stayed on green for the entire week.


    Grading - Daily assignments will have a simple smiley face on them as they are completed. Bigger assignments, such as quizzes and tests, will be graded and sent home in a timely manner.

    Guidance - We have a wonderful guidance team at our school who are here to assist our students who need a little extra support.


    Homework - I will be sending home weekly homework packets at the beginning of every week. Students are expected to complete all of the activities in the packet and turn them in at the end of the week. Your child may complete them as they wish, as long as they are done by the end of the week. A completed homework packet is your child’s ticket to Fun Friday!


    Iready - Your child will be on iready for reading and math. It is a fun, interactive program that tracks progress in these areas. It’s a great way to reinforce the concepts that are being taught in class, as well as concepts that your child still needs instruction on.

    Independence - Second grade is the time where your child will learn to be independent with a variety of skills. Please encourage them to be more independent at home as well. You will be amazed at how much they grow this year.


    Journals - We will use a variety of journals in our classroom. First, we will have an interactive journal for math. This is a fun, engaging journal that students will use occasionally to reinforce math ideas. Second, we have writing journals. There are prompts that students will respond to in order to work on their writing skills.


    Kindness - This is a character trait that will be given and expected on a daily basis. We will learn to show kindness through actions and words.

    Keep Updated - Make sure you are reading monthly newsletters, checking Class Dojo, and looking at take home folders daily to stay updated.


    Lunch - Our class has lunch at 12:30 and it goes until 12:49. Since lunch is fairly short, it’s important that your child knows to eat first, then socialize with friends. They may order lunch from the cafeteria, which they will choose every morning, or they may pack their own lunch.


    Math - Second grade math is challenging, but it’s one of my favorite subjects to teach! We will go from working on basic fact fluency at the beginning of the year to adding and subtracting within 1000 towards the end. Your child will learn how to add with regrouping and subtract with borrowing. We will also work on the foundations of multiplication, geometry, measurement, time, and money.


    Newsletter - I will be sending home monthly newsletters. These newsletters will have all of the important dates and information that is going on in the classroom for each month. Just another way to keep you informed!


    Open House - Our open house event will be on ____ at ____. This is the time to come explore the classroom, get to know me, and see what your child has done so far in the year. It’s such a fun event and you will even have an opportunity to walk around the school and meet your child’s special teachers.


    Pencils - I’m sure you’ve heard about the mystery of missing pencils in a classroom. I’ve come up with a great solution to this in my classroom. Each student will begin the week with three pencils, nice and sharpened. If all three pencils make it until the end of the week, your child will be rewarded with one red ticket. However, if your child loses a pencil, they owe me one red ticket. This is a great way to teach responsibility.

    Positive Reinforcement - I am a strong believer in ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’. This can be applied to the way we treat children. I will always be looking for and praising the positive things that your child is doing throughout the day. Positivity is the key to a happy classroom!


    Questions - If you have any questions, about anything, please contact me.


    Recess - When the weather is nice, we will try to make it outside as much as possible. During the winter, we will have recess inside. I try to give the students free time every day, as long as we make it through the daily lessons.

    Report Cards - These will be going home on the following dates: ____.


    Specials - Our specials schedule is as follows: Monday - Art. Tuesday - Library. Wednesday - Music. Thursday - Gym. Friday - Music and Gym. Our specials occur first thing in the morning. Your child will need a smock for art class and sneakers for gym.

    STEAM -


    Technology - We now have one-to-one Chromebooks in our classroom. We use these for iReady instruction but we will also be using them for other activities, such as research writing projects and social studies projects.

    Transportation - Please keep me informed of any changes in your normal transportation routine. A note will need to be provided.


    Unique - I believe that every child is unique, which means their needs are different from their classmates. I will be providing different instructional methods in order to meet the unique needs of your child.


    Volunteers - I encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom. Depending on what you are comfortable with, you may be preparing student activities or leading small group instruction. We can set up a time where you come in once a week or you may just volunteer for specific events going on in the classroom.


    WIN Time - This stands for What I Need. We have WIN time for reading and for math. This is where students are pulled out of the classroom by a reading or math teacher for small group instruction. For reading WIN time, the students are pulled out for 45 minutes. For math WIN time, the students are pulled out for 30 minutes. If your child is chosen to be pulled out of the classroom for WIN time, they will not be missing any classroom instruction time, as I hold my own WIN time in the classroom for those that stay with me. No matter where they go for WIN time, I promise your child is getting what they need!

    Water - Your child may bring a water bottle to keep on their desk. We also have a water fountain in the classroom.


    Xtra Math - This is a computer program that we will be using to practice and master our addition and subtraction math facts. We will strive to work on the program for 10 minutes at a time, three days a week.


    You - The support system for school starts with you! Your support, love, and encouragement is greatly appreciated!


    Zzzzz - Sleep is so important for your child’s success in the classroom. Please make sure that your child is going to bed at a decent hour and getting the sleep they need.