• Batavia High School Physical Education Syllabus

    Course Overview

    Physical education is a state mandated course and also a credit bearing subject at Batavia High School.  The Physical education department offers classes that are co-ed and elective, with the emphasis being on lifetime activities and physical fitness.  Each student will be required to participate in a K-12 Physical Fitness Assessment during each fall and spring that he/she is enrolled in the Batavia City School District.  The results of the assessment will be given to each student so that individual levels of fitness may be monitored and adjusted.  It is our goal to develop students who appreciate and can maintain lifetime fitness.  Our classes are in both a block schedule (85 minutes), or for those who attend morning GVEP a 30 minute class (8:05-8:35), also known as a skinny or half block class.   We hope the following information will enable you to successfully complete and enjoy each course offering. 


    Assessment Procedures

    1. A grade will be given for each ten week marking period.
    2. A marking period average of 65 or above will determine if a student has earned credit for physical education.
    3. Passing a full year results in receiving ½ credit. Two credits of physical education are needed to graduate.
    4. The number grade each marking period will be determined by the Daily Rubric and Assessments.
    5. In order to get full credit for the class a student must participate the entire class
    6. Physical Fitness testing is mandated by the Batavia High School Physical Education Department. Non-participation will adversely affect your grade.


    Daily Grading Rubric


    Personal Effort



    Personal Skills Performance

    Responsibility and Safety Awareness


    Always works hard and gives maximum effort on the activity for the entire class.

    Student is a positive example to others. Student shows respect for peers and teachers and places group goals ahead of his/her own ambitions. Students need to be dressed appropriately for class.

    Student is performing the skills correctly to the best of his/her ability and on a consistent basis.

    Student has learned to use equipment, performs all essential skills safely, and can be counted on to follow all safety or procedural guidelines. Students need to be dressed appropriately for class.


    Usually works hard and gives a very good effort on the activity.

    Student is inconsistent in cooperative skills and sometimes has difficulty working with the rest of the group. Students need to be dressed appropriately for class.

    Student can execute the skill but is inconsistent. The student on some occasions can use the skill in combination with other skills.

    Student’s safety skills are adequate most of the time; however, on occasion he/she may need to be reminded of safety or procedural guidelines. Students need to be dressed appropriately for class.


    Student sometimes tries to do the activity and needs constant encouragement or redirection to stay on task.

    Student is sometimes uncooperative and/or negatively impacts the efforts of the group. Students need to be dressed appropriately for class.

    Student is unable to repeat movements in succession; one attempt does not look like another.

    Student’s safety skills are inconsistent. He/she requires individual supervision on a regular basis. Students need to be dressed appropriately for class.


    Student makes little or no effort to participate effectively.

    Student makes little or no attempt to cooperate as a group member. Student negatively affects group efforts. Student is not dressed appropriately.

    Student lacks the necessary skills for the activity and makes little or no attempt to improve his/her skill level.

    Student may not be depended upon to follow safety and procedural guidelines. Student is not dressed appropriately.

    A maximum of 12 points may be earned per day.      12 points = 100%, 11 points =  92%, 10 points =  84%,       

         9 points =  75%,   8 points =  67%, 7 points =  59%,

         6 points = 50%, 5 points = 42%, 4 points = 34%,

         3 points = 25%, 2 points = 17%, 1 point  =    9%                   



    Class Participation Procedures

    1. Physical Education Clothing- The Batavia High School Physical Education Staff requires appropriate attire for all PE classes. Whenever possible classes will be outside so warm clothing is necessary.  If you are unprepared you will receive a zero for that class. Students may make up the class for full credit within 10 school days, or half credit after 10 days and no later than the last day of that marking period.
    • Appropriate footwear: traditional sneakers needed. No hiking boots, flip flops or sandals.
    • Shirts/Sweatshirts: Regular collared t-shirts required. NO TANK TOPS! 
    • Shorts/sweatpants: Shorts needs to be mid-thigh. NO SPANDEX SHORTS ALLOWED!
    • Batavia High School uniforms are not acceptable PE attire.
    • Students may be asked to change if attire is inappropriate or they will be considered unprepared.


    1. Absenteeism
    • If a combination of the following exceeds 2 missed classes within any marking period, the student must make up missed class time or will receive a zero for each class missed.
    1. Meetings 4. Note from Nurse
    2. Field Trips 5. Note from Parent
    3. OSS 6. Legal Absences from school                                  
    • If a student misses a class for a meeting, a test or a music lesson they must make up those classes. They will be counted as a zero until student makes up the class.
    • If student is being home tutored, PE credit will be determined according to the fulfillment of a written project.


    1. Class Cuts/Refuses or Chooses Not to Participate Even Though They are Prepared for Class
    • If a student chooses to cut a class, refuses or chooses not to play even though they are prepared, he/she will receive a zero for the daily grade and no make-up will be allowed. A teacher will write a referral.


    1. Make-ups
    • Students in a full block class cannot miss more than 2 classes in a marking period.
    • Students in a half block class cannot miss more than 4 classes in a marking period.
    • Only excused absences and unprepared classes can be made up.
    • Students need required PE clothing for any make ups.
    1. Make ups must be done under the direction of the physical education teacher or the wellness center supervisor. Make-up time for a P.E. skinny is 30 minutes, full block classes is one full block (60 minutes). Students can come during a study hall when space is available or after school in the wellness center (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday).


    1. Students who miss more than two classes or if they have been unprepared for a class must make up the class. The student may receive full credit if they make up the class within 10 school days. If they make up the class after 10 school days but before the end of that marking period they may receive up to half credit. The teacher will determine the criteria for making up the class. Students will be assigned a grade of zero until the class is made up.Upon return from an absence or if the student has been unprepared for a class, it is the student’s responsibility to inquire what was missed; the student has 10 days to make up the class.
    1. All school rules apply during make ups, including a change of clothes for the make-up.
    2. The last day to make up classes for the 1st marking period is November rd, the 2nd marking period is January 27th, the 3rd marking period is April 7th and the 4th marking period is the June 16th(Remember the 10 day rule.)





    1. Unprepared

                     A student will have 10 school days to make up the class from the date they are unprepared. If made up within 10 days they can still receive full credit. After 10 days but before the end of that marking period they can only receive half credit. If they do not make up at all they will receive a zero.  They will need a make-up slip (on computer desk in gymnasium) to be filled out upon completion of the make-up and will need to return the slip to their Physical Education teacher. If a student has two unprepared they will receive a referral and assigned a Saturday detention.



    1. Medical Excuses
    • All students on a medical are still responsible for attending PE daily. The Physical Education Department is handling medical excuses in the following manner:
    1. If a student is medically excused for four weeks or less during a specific marking period, that student should attend class and assist the teacher. The student will be expected to do a three page written assignment to be graded to receive credit.
    2. If a student is medically excused for more than four weeks of a ten week marking period, that student will be asked to complete a written project of 5 pages to be graded to receive credit.
    3. If a student is able to do limited activity based on a doctor’s recommendation, the Physical Education Staff will make accommodations for that student.
    4. If the student does a paper it is due by the end of that marking period for full PE credit.
    • The medical excuse must be produced within one week of doctor’s appointment when the medical excuse was written.
    • Essay Grading Criteria- The students P.E. teacher will assign a specific sport for the student to write on. (Info can also be found on teacher web pages).

    12 font                                                                                                 1

    3 or 5 Pages Typed       (Depending on length of medical excuse)           1

    Double Spaced                                                                                     1

    History of Sport                                                                                    3

    Rules of Sport                                                                                      1

    Scoring                                                                                                1

    Is it a Olympics Sport                                                                           1

    Reference (Where you found your information)                                      1

    Total possible points                                                                             10


    1. Disciplinary Actions
    • If the Physical Education teacher removes a student from participation due to inappropriate behavior, the student will receive a zero for that class and a referral will be written. No make-up will be allowed.  The same results if the student chooses or refuses to participate during any class period.


    1. Failures
    • Students must be scheduled for an extra PE class during the following marking period unless a scheduling conflict occurs. All students receiving a failing grade will be reported to the Guidance Counselor. Students must take and pass four PE classes per year for a total of 16 during their high school career.


    1. Morning half block “skinny’’ classes
    • The students must arrive by 8:10 in order to get class credit, if they arrive after 8:10 they will be marked as an absent for that day.
    • The class will be dismissed by the teacher at the end of the class **8:35**. Anyone who leaves early will be written up for a class cut.
    • Students in the morning skinny are required to have only sneakers and appropriate clothing in order to be considered prepared for class.
    1. Additional Information
    • Students must participate in physical education to be eligible to participate in interscholastic sports (practice or games). If a student has physical education and a game or practice on the same day and does not participate in physical education they will not be allowed to play in the game or practice later that day.
    • Students must check in with their teacher prior to the bell ringing to start class. Students will then get changed and report to the main gym in a timely fashion. If they are not they will be marked absent/tardy and result in a loss of points.
    • After changing at end of class, students must report back to the gym and stay in the gym and they can’t leave until the bell rings (or in 4th block the bell rings and announcements end)
    • No student shall leave, without a pass, from the designated PE station unless dismissed or granted permission by his or her teacher. Doing so demonstrates insubordination resulting in a referral.
    • Disciplinary action taken for behavior in violation of school rules within the PE complex or related PE stations may result in loss of locker privileges.
    • A student may be denied enrollment in a given course offering by the PE staff if they have previously demonstrated inappropriate or unsafe behavior.
    • A student cannot repeat a course offering during the school year unless the PE department has granted previous approval. Repeating a class without a PE teacher’s prior permission may result in a failing grade.
    • Locker space is available. It is highly recommended that the students take advantage of the available lockers.   All students are therefore responsible for their own possessions and valuables.  All students using a lock in the locker room must give their lock combination to Mrs. Hamilton and what number locker they are using.
    • Students are not allowed into the team rooms during the day: 8:05-2:43.
    • Students will not be allowed to use their cell phones once instruction has started. They will be confiscated for the remainder of the class if used during instructional time. Students who fail to comply will be written up and removed from class.


    1. Off-Campus Activities
    • Permission slips are provided and required. All permission slips must be returned to the PE teacher prior to leaving campus for the first class.  If the permission slip is not returned, the student must remain on campus and the situation will be treated the same as being unprepared.
    • Payment: If off campus P.E. class requires a payment, it must be paid by the first on site day. If not the student may be removed from the off-campus class and placed into an on-campus PE class.
    • The Batavia City School District will not provide transportation to off-campus PE classes. Students will walk to and from the activity site.  Students will not be allowed to drive to the off-campus site.
    • If a student is removed from an off-campus activity due to disciplinary actions, they may not be enrolled in another off-campus activity for at least three consecutive marking periods in which off-campus is offered. This policy will be carried over to the next school year if it occurs in the fourth marking period.


    Activities Offered


    Archery, Backyard Games, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cooperative Games, Dance, Dodge Ball, Fitness Training, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Golf, Handball, Insanity, Pickleball, Power Walking, Speedball, Soccer, Softball, TaeBo, Tennis, 21 Day Fix, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Yoga & Zumba   


    This P.E. course overview packet needs to be signed by the student and parent and returned for a daily grade during the first marking period of 2016.  Failing to turn it in will result in a zero averaged into 1st marking period grades.