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    I am currently a Physical Education Teacher at Batavia High School. I have been a member of the BHS staff since 1990. I graduated from McQuaid Jesuit High School and received my bachelors degree in physical education with a concentration in Sports Management. I then received my Masters degree in Health Education from SUNY Brockport.

    I am currently in my 14th year as varsity golf coach.

    Our staff here at the high school consists of three teachers including myself. The other two teachers are;
    Mr. Buddy Brasky
    Mrs. Stephani Hamilton

    Our physical education department offers the students a wide variety of lifelong activities while maintaining the New York State Standards.

    Physical education has changed tremendously over the years. When many of us took Phys. ed. in school it was perceived as a play time with the balls rolled out. In modern times Phys. ed. is now an important part of a schools curriculum. Physical Education is just that, education. Students will learn about sports and lifelong activities. Along with sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, communication and motor skills, the history, rules, equipment, and strategy of the sport are a part of the classroom instrucion.   

    Our goal is that students will leave here with a variety of experiences and knowledge of sports activities that they can use for the rest of their life.

    We are consistently looking for new and better ways to help our students enjoy physical education. Hopefully they will learn activities that can help them become healthier and more active and most of all CHOOSE TO STAY ACTIVE and LIVE HEALTHIER LIVES.

    Please check out the P.E. Guidelines and Procedures below!





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