• Academic Intervention Services is known as AIS.


    The goal of AIS is to assist students with reading and writing skills, this includes but is not limited to:

    • Reading comprehension
    • Reading for details
    • Summarizing vs. analyzing
    • Different types of writing
    • Writing from sources
    • Test preparation
    • Speaking and listening skills

    Depending on the day, we will work in small groups, pairs, or on your own.  AIS is also a time for students to work on assignments and receive help.

    Our goal is success!

    At the five week and ten week progress and grade reports are released, each student is re-evaluated to check progress.  If ELA (English Language Arts) teachers (and sometimes other content area teachers) agree, students can be released from AIS.  If a stduent is released and is struggling with skills or course work, they can be re-added to AIS to keep receiving services.

    AIS is NOT:

    • study hall
    • free time
    • time to play computer games or games on your phone/iPod.