Our Mission

  • The mission of New York State Teachers Centers are to:


    • Recognize that professional growth is integral to teachers’ work.
    • Embed professional growth in daily lives of schools.
    • Model for teachers and students the importance of life-long learning.
    • Promote the growth of communities of learners.
    • Encourage teachers to assume leadership roles.

    All Centers have their own unique beginnings and characteristics. Therefore, not all Centers operate in exactly the same fashion.  For a strong and effective Teacher Center, an atmosphere of trust must exist between the Director and the Policy Board. The relationship must be one of cooperation and collaboration. By working together and sharing responsibility for successful management of the Center, the goals of Teacher Centers can be achieved for the ultimate benefit of New York State’s teachers and students.

    The organizational structures, programs, and services of the New York State Teacher Centers reflect the standards for professional development.

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