Cognitive Coaching

  • Cognitive CoachingSM is an 8-day training program for supervisors, mentors, peer coaches, facilitators, administrators, team members, teachers and those who wish to deepen their ability to support the thinking of others. Cognitive CoachingSM is a process, a set of strategies, and a way of thinking that supports the ongoing development of individuals as they become increasingly self-directed and reflective.  Research indicates that teaching is a complex intellectual activity and that teachers who think at higher levels produce students who are higher achieving, more cooperative, and better problem solvers. It is the invisible skills of teaching and the thinking processes that underlie instructional decisions, which produce superior instruction. Cognitive CoachingSM is a research-based model that capitalizes upon and enhances teachers' cognitive processes.

     Participants will learn powerful coaching maps and tools which enable them to mediate resourceful states of mind. These maps and tools provide an efficient and effective process for professional interactions. The workshop is highly interactive, with modeling and guided practice opportunities offered throughout. Skills learned in Cognitive Coaching will also assist participants as they implement Common Core Standards and the revised APPR process.


    You will learn:

    • "Maps" for Planning, Reflecting, and Problem-Resolving Conversations
    • Verbal and non-verbal tools to build rapport and trust
    • Advanced listening skills
    • To facilitate self-directed learning through reflective questioning
    • Questioning skills to mediate and increase higher order thinking
    • Effective use of data and feedback to support professional growth
    • To examine the functions of coaching, consulting, collaborating, and evaluating we utilize in our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) See Training Flyer for more information.