BHS Club Promotes "We Belong!"

We Belong! That's the message that BHS group, Sources of Strength, has initiated for their March campaign of the same name.  Sources of Strength is a suicide prevention program with approximately 70 BHS student members, called peer leaders, and six adult advisors.

The We Belong campaign brings awareness to breaking stereotypes and being tolerant of all people. It focuses on inclusion and acceptance, without regard to race, religion, gender, culture, or other differences. Instead, members work to encourage their peers to be proud of who they are and to find strength in the positive characteristics they hold. In line with the District's mottos of belonging together and remaining strong, the Sources of Strength group kicked off the campaign with a mural in the BHS entrance stating, “We, the Blue Devils, Belong Together.”

Throughout March, Sources of Strength members will continue to reach out to the student body in a variety of ways. Student-led videos will be shared and a lunchtime program will aim to reach as many individual students as possible. In addition, a wall art display will be hung as one piece, representing how the entire student body creates one picture all together, regardless of differences.