Batavia City Schools August Update

Dear Batavia City School District Parents and Guardians,

With the first day of school less than a month away, we’ve been working hard to ensure a safe

and successful opening of the 2021-22 school year. As always, the health and safety of our

community is our top priority along with providing the best possible educational experience for

our students.

We will have more specifics as we get closer to the opening of school but here is a brief update

on the upcoming start to the school year:

When is the first day of school, and will it be remote or in-person?

Batavia City Schools will be open for in-person learning, five days a week, starting Tuesday,

September 7. You will be receiving more detailed information from your building principals in

the coming days. Procedures for the start of school will look a lot like how we ended back in


Will students and staff have to wear masks in school this year?

We’re working with the County and State Health Departments on our face covering expectations when school reopens in September, but here is what we know today based on current Genesee County transmission rates:

• Students and staff will be required to wear masks on the school bus and in certain

indoor, close contact situations (this is a Federal Law).

•When moving about the classroom, in hallways, or around the school we will be following

the “Stand Up, Mask Up” guideline. Masks will not be required for outdoor activity.

•We will have additional guidance for you as we get closer to school opening and once

we receive any more detailed information from the state or county.

What is the plan for fall sports?

Fall sports will begin as planned on Monday, August 23. Mr. Bromley, our Athletic Director, will

provide guidance to our student athletes, coaches, and fans looking to attend events.

Will we be following the same expectations if our child has certain symptoms?

Yes - if your child has any of the following symptoms: Fever• Chills • Shortness of Breath • Sore

Throat • Loss of Taste or Smell •Headache • Loss of Appetite • Cough • Nasal Congestion •

Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea • Fatigue • Muscle or Body Aches - they should not come to school.

If your child is already in school and develops any of these symptoms then we will need to

isolate them and send them home. The same expectations for a test prior to return will be in


Is there a remote learning option for students this year?

Our goal is to ensure that our staff and students are as safe as possible to provide the best

environment for instruction. We know this involves in-person learning for most students but that

some family health situations may require remote learning.

To learn more about a remote learning option, click here.  Please let us know your intent to enroll

your student(s) by Thursday, August 26.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful and successful school year, and we appreciate your

continued support of our students, staff, and community. Additional details on our opening

guidelines will be provided in the coming days. We appreciate your patience.


Scott Bischoping