Thursday, November 10 Early Release Schedule

On Thursday, November 10, all schools will be operating under an early release schedule

Batavia High School: 11:30 am

Batavia Middle School: 11:40 am

John Kennedy Intermediate: 11:25 am

Jackson Primary: 11:00 am

Robert Morris: 11:45 am

Meals: Breakfast will be served at the regularly scheduled time. Lunch will not be served.

Bus Dropoff: Expect the same amount of time from dismissal to dropoff as you would on a regular school day. For example, if your child is dismissed at 2:30 pm and is dropped off at 3:00 pm, that 30-minute bus ride would also apply to an early dismissal day.

This early release day will provide our staff with critical time for safety training and staff development programs to ensure we continue to implement key components of our previously announced and shared Strategic Plan, which you can find here.