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    Welcome to Facilities & Operations

    The office of Facilities & Operations (also known as Buildings & Grounds) is located at 80 Union Street.   The Maintenance Shop is located behind the Administration building in the Quonset style building.

    The Director of Facilities  oversees several support staff components;  Custodial, Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Health & Safety, Mail courier and Project Monitoring/Inspection.

    The mission of custodial maintenance is to provide a safe, sanitary and attractive environment for our students, staff and the public alike.

    Director of Facilities III
    James L. Jacobs
    Office: 585-343-2480 ext. 1013                   


    Assistant Director of Facilities III
    Michael Garofalo
    Office:585-343-2480 ext. 1013

    Kim Truax                                                                                   

    To book a facility in the district, please contact Kim Truax at 


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