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    Hello and Welcome to Math 7 at BMS!

    I hope that this year will be a great learning experience for us all.  This is my 15th year at Batavia City School District and am currently teaching Math 7 at the Middle School!

    Supplies Needed for each Class:

    • Agenda (School Provided)
    • 2 inch Binder with Dividers
    • Scientific calculator (TI-30XS Multiview preferred)
    • writing utensil

    To Be Successful in Math Class:

    • You need to come to class prepared, by having all your class materials (calculator, writing utensil, textbook, binder and homework).
    • You need to have your homework done on time.
    • If you have questions do not wait until the next class to ask them, come after school to room A205 to see me. 

    I look forward to working with you this year.  Here is my contact information:


    Phone: (585) 343 - 2480 ext. 3000


    To Access your daily Homework sign up for remind 101!  The instructions can be found on our Team's homework page.  The link is below. 

    Click here to Complete your I-Ready Lessons.



    Go to Google Classroom to Complete your Math Sprints

    Math Sprints


    Click here to get directions on how to access Parent Portal (grades).

    Parent Portal  

    Click here to access Team 7-Blue's page.

    7 Blue Homework


    A Great Website for Help is... Cool Math

    Or Try Cool Math for Parents




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