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    Math 6



    Welcome to sixth grade math.  Our focus is on learning many ways to solve problems.  This allows every child to find a solution using his or her own style.  Verbal and written communication in math is a must.  We practice showing our work and using math vocabulary to express our thoughts and ideas.




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    Did you forget your math book at home? 

    Use this link student materials module 1 to print a copy of tonight's homework at home.  You could always copy down the questions if your printer is not working. : 


    ***Be careful.  The page numbers in this link do not match the page numbers in our book.  The lessons do match though.  If you are doing lesson 5, go to the problems set for lesson 5.


    Did your forget which homework page to do tonight?

    Use this link to check out our homework page.  I have listed the lesson name as well as the page number that the homework is on in your book.  ***Be careful.  If you needed to print your homework from the internet, the page numbers in the web site do not match the page numbers in your book.