Ms. Morrill's PE Class



                    WELCOME TO PHYSICAL EDUCATION                    

    Welcome to the Batavia Middle School Physical Education webpage.  My name is Teresa Morrill and I am a physical education teacher at Batavia Middle School.  I very honored to be working in such a wonderful school district.  This is my 12th year teaching at Batavia and my 14th year overall teaching physical education and I have loved every minute of it!!

    I believe physical education is an important class for all students!  The National Association for Sport and Physical Education state, "Quality physical education programs in our nation's schools are essential in developing motor skills, physical fitness and understanding of concepts that foster lifelong healthy lifestyles."

    When students are physically active, they are physically, mentally and emotionally stronger!!!  I am grateful to be part of such an important part of your students' academic day!

    Please remind your son/daughter to have their p.e clothes ready for class.  Every student is given a locker and combination. They are strongly encouraged to keep their clothes and other belongings locked up in their lockers daily.  The must make sure to change shirt and pants for hygienic reasons every class.  Remind your son/daughter to bring their clothes home on a regular basis to wash! 

    If student does forget a piece of the physical education attire, I do have clean clothes and sneakers for them to borrow. 

    With weather permitting, we will be going outside for class as much as possible in the fall and spring.  Please make sure your child is prepared with warm clothes, extra socks and extra sneakers in case they get wet.  We believe it is in our students' best interest to get outside with fresh air, as much as possible!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me or call whenever necessary. 


    Thank You,
    Teresa Morrill



    "The mission of the Batavia Physical Education department is to develop healthy individuals. We will accomplish this through a variety of teaching strategies resulting in students who have the tools and desire to maintain liefelong activity."