John Kennedy Intermediate School Counseling Center


    Welcome to the Counseling Services Web Page 

    Hello and Welcome!  My name is Greg Ciszak and I am a school counselor at John Kennedy Intermediate School.  As the school counselor it is my responsibility to help students develop and practice skills that will help them be successful academically, personally & socially.  Listed below are a few examples of issues school counselors can help students with:

    -         Get along with others

    -         Deal with peer pressure

    -         Practice good decision making

    -         Improve study skills

    -         Cope with family changes

    -         Making & Keeping friends

    -         Develop personal safety skills

    -         Prepare for Middle School

    For more information about the elementary counseling program at John Kennedy click on the following links at the side of this page: 


          “Role of the School Counselor”


          “When to contact the School Counselor”


          “Classroom Guidance Lessons”


          "Ages & Stages" ~ General developmental milestones for children at each grade level.


          "School-Based Intervention Team" (S.B.I.T.)


    BCSD Comprehensive Counseling Plan


    If you ever have any concerns involving your child or questions about what services the counseling program provides please feel free to contact me.  I can be reached at 343-2480 Ext. 5002 or by email at  Thank You!