My Classroom

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    Whatever the student's home language, I am here to support his or her English language development to ensure that our culturally and linguistically diverse students are learning the necessary skills to be successful in their classes. 

    I love teaching about the culture and language of the United States while at the same time learning about the rich experiences that our English language learners bring with them to our schools.  Bilingualism and multiculturalism are truly gifts to these students, and they should be reminded every day how lucky they are!

    I divide my time between Jackson and John Kennedy, but I spend most of the day at John Kennedy.  You can find my students and I learning about vocabulary, building background knowledge, using reading strategies, writing, and practicing our listening and speaking skills.  Our end goal is that our English language learners achieve native-like proficiency as measured through the annual New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test.