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              School Year 2019-2020

        Classroom Teacher Aides:  Mrs. Tammy Capone, Mrs. Laurie Cuttita, Mrs. Elizabeth Mungillo & Mrs. Volpe 




Mrs. Neumann



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Neumann


In 2019 Mrs. Neumann transitioned from one 12:1:1 classroom at JK Intermediate to another 12:1:1 classroom at JX Elementary where she is currently working with K-2nd grade students with multiple disabilities.

Current Special Education Classroom Teacher in the 12:1:1 Classroom at JX Elementary School

Mrs. Neumann leads a self contained classroom at Jackson Elementary. She presently works with a team to provide academics, social skills and core language instruction with support from services (Occupational Therapy, Physcial Therapy, Autism Specialist, Assistive Technology, Music Therapy, Speech Therapy and modified physical educaton).

Special Educaton Classroom Teacher in the 12:1:1 Classroom at JK Intermediate School

Mrs. Neumann leads a self contained academic classroom at John Kennedy. She presently works with a team to provide academics, support services - Occupational Therapy, Physcial Therapy, English as a Second Language, Music Therapy, Speech Therapy and modified physical educaton.

Special Education Classroom Teacher 12:1:1- 14 years Mrs. Neumann started her teaching career leading students enrolled in the self-contained, 12:1:1, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade classroom at Jackson Elementary School. After sampling many of the following teaching roles she went back to teach in the initial setting at Jackson, then in John Kennedy when the schools consolidated.

CONSULTANT TEACHER IN THE BLENDED CLASSROOM-3 years Mrs. Neumann - Consultant Special Education Teacher co-taught with Mrs. Szymanski in the 4th grade blended classroom for three years. Students taught in this classroom environment were supported by a regular education teacher, special education teacher and a teacher aide. 

CONSULTANT SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER Mrs. Neumann has provided push-in consultant teacher services in other fourth grade classrooms depending on student needs.

RESOURCE ROOM TEACHER Mrs. Neumann also taught students in the 4th grade resource room. This program provided a pull-out, distraction free environment for qualified students.

{Pertinent Experience Prior to teaching Special Education in a school setting}

1984-2000 Employed full time in a variety of direct care positions in a variety of group home settings {Residential Apartments, Intermediate Care Facilities, Community Residences} that serviced individuals with developmental disabilities. I started working at Genesee ARC when I graduated from high school, then Lutheran Service Society, Heritage Centers, UCPA & People's Incorporated. In each of these settings, I built strong relationships, supported adults in independent living skills & supported health and wellness of individuals with a multitude of developmental disabiities. I worked alongside support service professionals and the special education committee to develop Individualized Educational Plans to better equip individuals with