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    Welcome! I am Miss Tamfer, the Art Teacher at Jackson Primary School and a 5th grade art teacher at Batavia Middle School.

    I love to get messy in the art room with my students.  Please remember to bring in your smock to your classrooms as soon as possible so we can start our messier projects! In kindergarten and 1st  grade we will be learning about the Elements of Art. They are Line, Shape, Value, Space, Color, Form and Texture.   Each lesson and project will have the Common Core Standards, NYS Art Standards, an art history component, and the Elements of Art!  I try to connect art to all other areas of the school as much as possible too!  We will be starting off the year with nursery rhymes and fables and making some fun art work to go along with what we learn.  I will see Kindergarteners and first graders once a week.  Can't wait to see you in art!

    In 5th grade art we will expand upon the Elements of Art and begin the Principles of Design too!  There will also be the Common Core Stardards, NYS standards, and art history too!  We will have lots of fun this year using the kiln to make clay sculptures, painting, drawing, and so much more.  I will see my 5th graders every other day for art this year.  Please check this website for more lessons and photos coming soon!

    My e-mail address is nltamfer@bataviacsd.org  E-mail me anytime!


    ~Miss Tamfer