Message from the Superintendent

  • Message from Mr. Soler, Superintendent of Schools     Superintendent Soler

    Happy 2020, the year of vision!

    I’d like to take this moment to express how excited and honored I am on becoming the twelfth superintendent of Batavia City Schools. The District is a bright spot in Genesee County and I am looking forward to building upon the work in the District and on being a part of a supportive and committed community.

    A little historical information about me: prior to my arrival in Batavia I was the Associate Superintendent of Strategic Alignment and Innovation in the Buffalo Public Schools. During my tenure there I helped lead a variety of divisions and initiatives. The initiative that I am most proud of was my work on Strong Community Schools, a school improvement strategy that makes a school the hub for the community and provides increased student support, enriched academics, and extended learning opportunities.

    Prior to my role as associate superintendent, I was an elementary principal, high school principal, academy director, instructional technology teacher and art teacher in both the Buffalo and Rochester City School Districts. Each of these experiences has increased my leadership capacity. I am excited about bringing my variety of experiences and successes into my role as superintendent of schools in Batavia.

    Moving forward, I want to stress three important aspects of the work ahead - relationships, rigor, and relevance:

    Relationships - Building relationships is important and vital to our work and success as a
    district and community. Together we will need to work with each other in order to
    continue to pave the way to shared goals, cooperation, understanding, and continued
    district improvement.

    Rigor - Speaks to greater and higher expectations of ourselves and our students.
    Increased expectations will lead to greater achievements for increased numbers of
    students in our district.

    Relevance - Focuses on the connection with community, circumstances, interests, and
    hopes. As a district we will build connections for learning now as well as build bridges
    to our students’ futures.

    Lastly, I am a dedicated family man and husband. I have four amazing kids and a supportive wife.

    I look forward to working with each of our stakeholders and with our community on building and growing on the successes in Batavia City Schools.

    WE are Batavia!!!


    Superintendent Soler