Link Crew

What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a high school transition program that increases freshmen success.  Members of the junior and senior class are trained to be Link Leaders.  These Link Leaders act as positive role models, motivators, and mentors helping guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school. The Link Crew high school transition program provides the structure for freshmen to receive support and guidance from juniors and seniors who have been through the challenges that high school poses, and understand that the transition to a larger school can sometimes be overwhelming.

How it works
All freshmen are orientated by the Link Leaders at the beginning of the school year.  After orientation, Link Crew continues, providing a variety of both Academic and Social Follow-Up Activities throughout the year. Academic Follow Ups are lessons presented by trained Link Leaders during visits to freshman classes; Social Follow Ups are events in which the freshmen and Leaders attend fun school sponsored social events together.