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Middle School


 Mission Statement:

Each person at the Middle School makes their greatest effort to study, to learn, and to help make our building the best that it can be.  At the Middle School, we are part of a community.  Citizenship in our Middle School community means developing a respect for others.  Our goal is to have a building in which students work together and care for one another.  The following principles are posted in each room in our building:

Middle School Mindset:

In an effort to make our building the best it can be we have developed our own Middle School Mindset. Our Mindset includes a set of high expectations which our staff and students will model on a daily basis. Our goal is to have a building where our students and staff work together and demonstrate a connection to our school community while being respectfulresponsible, and safe.

Nate Korzelius,  Principal

Nate Korzelius, Interim Principal
343-2480 ext 3000

John - Martin Cannon

John - Martin Cannon, Assistant Principal
343-2480 ext 3001

Lindsey Leone,  Assistant Principal

Lindsey Leone, Assistant Principal
343-2480 ext 3001

Batavia City School District Phone - 585-343-2480

B.M.S. Contacts:

Main Office - x3000

Assistant Principal's Office - x3001

Counseling Center - x3002

Health Office - x3003 

Attendance Office - x3012

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