Transportation update

Transportation services for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year with the return to full in person classes for our current hybrid students, effective April 19, 2021 will be changing from the current routes. 

New bus routes will be established and mailed to all parents/guardians on Monday April 5, 2021. If your child is currently taking the bus to school and you have no changes, you are all set and do not need to process any paperwork.

 If you do have changes that affect your child’s transportation (i.e. daycare) or are now requesting transportation services, then a Transportation Request/Change Form must be completed and returned as soon as possible.  To be included in the April 5 mailing of the bus routes, please return by April 1.   

Transportation Request/Change Forms are available on the District website, under Business Office, each main office or in the Administrative wing at Batavia High School and can be returned to any main office or the Business Office.