The long anticipated opening of our new playground is finally here!  Friday morning Jackson Primary held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate.  Three classrooms were randomly drawn from a hat to join in on this special occasion.  The rest of the school will have a chance to enjoy the new space later on in the day, as well as the rest of the school year!

Play is critical for kids to develop the emotional, social and creative thinking skills they’ll need as they mature. Play allows them to engage with their surrounding environment and with others in their community in a fun context. It enables them to explore ideas and different ways to behave, testing their boundaries and growing in the process. Unstructured play might be the most crucial. It allows kids to be independent, to learn how to make decisions on their own to achieve a result. This playground promotes inclusivity for all of our students and our community. I know our Batavia community will help take special care of our playground at Jackson. 

We would like to thank the community, the Batavia Board of Education, Administration, Buildings and Grounds, and all who made this possible.  Our kiddos are ready to run and play!