Mask Update

Dear Blue Devil Families, Students and Staff,

With the anticipated hot and humid temperatures expected for next week and through the rest of this school year outdoor masks requirements for our students and staff will change effective June 4, 2021 to the following:

Students will be allowed to take off their masks when outside, whether for recess, a classroom activity, or during physical education class. This approval also applies to the Staff that supervise these students outside.

With this new mask policy exception, students will be kept 6 feet apart as much as practical when outdoors. Please understand that in certain core activities and areas, such as playgrounds, students may be closer than 6 feet. Students and staff are also still free to wear masks while outside, if they so choose. Given this exception it will be difficult to monitor who is supposed to wear a mask and who is not while outside.

Please understand that this exception is only for students and staff when they are outside and only a result of the increased temperatures. When students and staff are indoors or on a bus, 100% mask wearing is still required per current NYSDOH and CDC guidelines. 

As always, thank you for your continued support and understanding as we continue to make adjustments that keep us safe and keep our schools open.

Thank you, 

Anibal Soler, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools