Honoring Mrs.Pastore
Matthew Pastore was a student at a Jackson  Primary  5 years ago. Mrs. Pastore (his mom) asked if she could come in and share her love of science. As a child, her teacher did a butterfly unit that sparked her love for science. She provided the materials and came in to do the introductory lesson. 
She has come back each year to share her passion for science with my classes. It was her dream to have all kindergarten classes involved. We did this unit last year during the closure with all teachers creating and adding lessons for the unit which we all shared virtually.  Mrs Pastore joined the k team last year for the release of butterflies that Mrs. Amerine and I “raised” and shared the progress virtually. 
This year, Mrs Pastore purchased and provided all 8 in person k classes with the butterfly pavilion and caterpillars so all kindergarten students could be involved, her dream finally becoming a reality. All teachers and students were enthusiastically involved with the butterfly life cycle. Teachers provided an entire unit to students with journals to record their observations through the process, books, crafts and videos.  Teachers shared pictures and videos with Mrs Pastore throughout  the unit. 
The K team thanked Mrs pastore with hand written student letters and pictures, in addition to 2 butterfly bushes for her home. 
Mrs. Pastore and the k team are excited to continue this project annually. Thank you Mrs.Pastore for inspiring our Kindergarten students.