Grade Level Resource Links

HOUR OF CODE-minecraft

Hour of Code-All lessons

Word Central

A Book and a Hug

Mii Avatar Creator

Wolfram Alpha Search

Comic Strip Creator

Your Next Read--book recommendations



Kids Com Jr.

Create a Story - It's About Me!Kid's Activity Page

Game Goo

Art Sites for Fun and Exploration

Third Grade Skills- Online Math and Literacy activities

President's Day Online Activities


If You Were President
Maggie's Adventures from Scholastic


Mad Libs Jr. -scroll halfway down the page to the Mad Libs! - teaches parts of speech

World Cloud


Journey North

Weather Statistics for Batavia

Solar System Links

Social Studies

Qwintessential Customs of other Countries

Country Reports



Teach R Kids Math

Graphs and Charts -

Data Picking - Creating a graph from Data

How Many Checkboxes can you click?  - Gathering Data

Dare to Compare - test yourself!

Math MagicianThat Quiz.Org

Math Game Time

Language Arts
Interactive Poetry Creater
Adventures in Reading -Book Adventure
Book Zone - Write your own reviews here!

Fake Out - game
RIF - Reading and Writing Online Activities - Cool!

Bookpals - Read to me!
Acrostic Poem

Diamonte poem

Poetry Idea Engine

Fact Fragment Frenzy activity
Letter Generator
Shape Poems

Chris Van Allsburg
Professor Garfield

Build Your Own Wild Self
Wacky Web Tales

Word Central Dictionary

Word Central Games


Sort the Dictionary Page

Making Sentences - BBC



Thanksgiving Quiz
Thanksgiving Links

Halloween Links
Design your own Snowflake


Information Skills

Stay Safe Online with Shaq
Build Your Wild Self

Order in the library Game

Online Phone Book

Flood - Organize books by topic

Put the books in the right order

Popularity of Baby Names

Sort the Books on the shelf

Test Practice

Elementary Test Prep Center

Fourth Grade - Links and Activities for Grade 4

Hour of Code


Kid Blogs


Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus


All About Explorers


Wolfram Alpha Search 

Comic Strip Creator

Word Central

Book Adventure - find a list of books to read

Your Next Read--get book recommendations


Colonial Trades Research:

Mr. Nusbaum's Articles

Colonial Williamsburg Website


Website Evaluation:

Dog Island

Dogs and More Dogs

Burmese Mountain Dog

Belgian Sheepdog

Yoga for Cats

Flossing Cockatoo


Iroquois Research:


Learning Longhouses

History of Iroquois Longhouses

Iroquois Longhouses

Mr. Donn's Guide to Iroquois Longhouses

Mr. Donn's Guide to Iroquois Life in the Village


Thesaurus Activity:





Ben's Guide to  Government for Kids
Erie Canal Websites


Web Surfer Quiz
Test Your Dewey Knowledge 
Dictionary Quiz  (type in dictionary and teacher name)
Do We Know Dewey?
First Adventure of the Three Little Cyberpigs

Annabel's Quotations for Kids
Order in the Library Game


Instant Poetry Forms

Adventures in Reading - Book Adventure

Book Zone - Write your own reviews here!
ELA Practice Activities
Create a Story -It's My Life - PBS
Power Proofreading
Writing Fun on the Web
Author's Viewpoint (Oswego)
Acrostic Poem

Letter Generator
Shape Poems
Rhyme Rhythm and Alliteration Game Goo

Image Resources (for Sense Poems)
Persuasion Map
Build Your Wild Self
Making Sentences BBC

Word Central - Dictionary


Teach R. Kids Math
I Know That Math Games
Math Magician
Harcourt Math
Math Game Time


Great Plant Escape
How much would you weigh?  Activity
Journey North
Constellation Guide
Dare to Compare: answer questions and compare your answers to others

World of Energy
Dare to Compare- test yourself


Don't Buy It - PBS
Kid's Activity Page
Fourth Grade Skills - Math and Literacy Online Activities
Kid's Hub
Maggie's Adventures from Scholastic

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