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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do children have to pay if they are not running?

A: No, only students who are school aged (6 and older) need to pay to run.


Q: Are we able to ride a bike?

A: Unfortunately you can’t. It is the company's policy that the runners only walk/jog/run.


Q: Will the color stain my clothes, hair, shoes, etc.?

 A: The color washes out of most materials but just in case, we want you to wear items you aren’t worried about staining so you can enjoy the event to it’s fullest! Depending on how colorful you get, the color may stain your skin, hair, and clothes until finally coming out after a few good washes. To help prevent stains we recommend removing as much excess color as possible prior to washing. If you have lighter colored hair you may want to cover up with a hat!

Q:What is included for each participant?

 A:Each participant you order for will receive a My School Color Run t-shirt, Vytek race bib, and an individual color packet. You may opt to order additional supplies for late registrants.


Q: Can my child run alone or does an adult need to be with them?

A: They need an adult with them. The course is on main roads and for their own safety there must be an adult with them during the race.