About our Technology



The Batavia City schools provides computer and Internet access to all students and teachers. There are currently more than 3600 computers throughout the district; these are used in classrooms and computer labs. 


Furthermore, 74" Recordex Interactive Display Units are now in place in approximately 160 classrooms throughout the district. These interactive displays provide teachers with an engaging way to teach content. In addition, class documents with notes added by the teacher can be exported to the teacher's website, providing "virtual" notes for absent students or kids who just need to revisit the day's content to increase understanding.


Professional development is provided on a consistant basis to staff as we focus on making all classrooms 21st century classrooms. Our students are digital natives; their future success is dependent upon using all digital media and hardware successfully. Therefore, our focus is on employing various technology tools to complement and deliver curriculum and fully supporting teachers.


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