Batavia City School District Awards and Scholarships

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The BCSD Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Senior from Batavia High School. This student has been successful in his/her educational program and has sought out skills to further his/her career. In addition, the nominee has exemplified our Batavia school culture and climate of “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Connected and Be Ambitious.”

This scholarship will be awarded annually at Graduation.

Angelo J. Branciforte Scholarship

Mr. Branicforte taught at East School and Brooklyn School (both were former BCSD schools) and was a former JK Principal. This memorial award is given to a senior entering college with a GPA between 85-90 and who was a former student of John Kennedy Elementary School.

Bessie Norris Memorial Fund

Bessie Norris was Principal at the East School (at East Main St and North Spruce St). This was to be used for the benefit of the pupils and teachers of John Kennedy School. It was apparently the remaining proceeds from the 1954 East School PTA's "East End Romp." It was originally established to provide for the needs of John Kennedy School that were not normally provided for through the school district budget and allowed the school to use up to $100 per year. This fund was turned over to the JK Home School Association.

Daniel A Van Detta Memorial Award

This monetary award was established by Esther Van Detta, in memory of her husband. Coach Danny Van Detta was "the well-known and popular sports figure known affectionately as "Coach." After a heart attack, he had to give up coaching football. He was director of physical education and had coached baseball. He also was director of the city's Summer Recreation Program. This award is given to a Senior who participates in football and baseball and who exemplifies the qualities of dedication, leadership and team spirit.

Dr. Pierce Sportsmanship Award

Dr. Dexter Pierce was the Batavia City Schools' Physician, was active in the YMCA (being noted for his donation to Camp Hough), and was one of the "best friends the Children's Home ever had." This award is given to a deserving senior athlete who in the opinion of coaches best exemplifies the true spirit of good sportsmanship in competition.

Emily Holt Memorial Award

$50 each year is given to the 4th grade student who earned the highest score on the Grade 4 NYS Science Test This award will be given during the JK annual Awards Ceremony.

Esther Van Detta Memorial Award

Mrs. Van Detta was the BHS Main Office Secretary for years. She was beloved by students and staff alike. This memorial award goes to a Senior advancing his/her education (not necessarily college). The student volunteers and helps those in the school family, extended community and demonstrates cooperation with and membership is school, civic, church, faternal and other volunteer organizations.

Frederic Loomis Award and Glenn S. Loomis Award

Mr. and Mrs. Loomis created these 2 awards in honor of their sons, who died within months of each other. Federic was a 4th grader, who died of illness in April 1918, and Glenn was a Marine, killed in action overseas in June 1918.

Frank E. Owen Award

The Frank E. Owen Award is a $500 scholarship given to two Batavia High School seniors pursuing a degree in music. The students have participated in numerous performance ensembles and has demonstrated strong leadership skills.

Frank Innes Award

His daughter, Grace, a former Batavia teacher bequest finances to fund this award. This award is given to a Senior boy or girl who have essentially majored in business courses.

Jack Porter Hockey Scholarship

Jack Porter was a former Blue Devil Hockey Coach. This monetary award is given to a senior ice hockey player who achieves good grades and success on the ice through hard work. The recipient also demonstrates the importance of family and is dedicated to the Ice Devil family.

Jason Gioia Memorial Scholarship

This award is given in memory of Jason Gioia. Recipient must have a financial need, not receiving a lot of scholarships and be a senior on the golf team. If there is no senior then a senior on the baseball or basketball team.

John Secord, Jr. Memorial Medal in Math Award

Mr. and Mrs. John Secord, Sr. established this trust fund to recognize a graduating Senior with highest average in 4 1/2 units of Mathematics and a Junior with highest average in 3 1/2 units of Mathematics. These students receive a gold and silver medal, respectively.

Judd-Gouinlocke Scholarship

The 1931 BHS Football team lost 2 teammates who were Killed in Action. This scholarship was named for these fallen soldiers.

Justin (JT) Cook Memorial Award

JT was an 8th grade student at the Middle School when his life was tragically cut short. This monetary award was created in his memory and will be given annually to two 8th graders. The recipients must exemplify and model a desire to learn, demonstrated a desire and willingness to assist others in learning, and must have demonstrated both an interest and enthusiasm in technology.

Kay Dean Scholarship

Mrs. Dean was a beloved BHS Health teacher. Many remember her earrings she wore during a certain unit, her laugh and willingness to help students and staff alike. This monetary scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who intends to pursue a career as a health education teacher.

Michael Patrick Kennedy Memorial Award

This monetary award will be given to a member of the ski team, who, in the opinion of the ski team coach and Athletic Director exhibits the following qualities: determination, courage and heart, perseverance, good sportsmanship in competition, positive attitude, love of skiing and support of other team members. The recipient doesn't necessarily have to be the most outstanding or best skier.

Natalie Walker Owen Scholarship

Mrs. Owen was a substitute teacher in foreign language for Batavia City Schools from 1930-1950. This $500 scholarship will be given to a senior taking foreign language and is entering college to study foreign language. This award will be based on grade point average, work habits and interest in foreign language.

Timothy Mosman Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Mosman created this award in honor of their son, Timothy. This trophy and monetary scholarship is given to a Track and Field Athlete.

Walter and Mary Delbridge Awards

Thomas Delbridge discovery

Thomas Delbridge obituary

A Batavia son established a trust in his parents' names. This trust funds 2 annual awards.

The Walter Delbridge award is given to a senior(s) entering a college to major in natural or applied Science, who has shown outstanding ability and achievement in Math
and Science; member of NHS or other evidence of high character, leadership and service
A minimum over-all average in all high school subjects of 85%
Must have minimum overall average of 90% in Regents exams taken in Math and Science

The Mary Delbridge award is $100 Citizenship Award and has same requirements as above

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