District Curriculum


Students in the Batavia City School District require consistent, challenging programs that will capture their interest and prepare them for a lifetime of learning. They require knowledge and skills that will help them compete in a global economy and allow them to lead satisfying lives both as citizens and individuals. The Batavia City School District Curriculum is a complex set of concepts, skills, and processes that make up our students’ learning experiences.  It is based on the New York State Learning Standards and performance indicators. The intention of this website is not to document every experience our students have in the K-12 continuum, but to highlight for the public the important ideas and required knowledge and skills for each grade.

The Role of Parents

Studies show that students perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education. Parents therefore have an important role to play in supporting their child's learning. By reading the curriculum, parents can see what their children are learning in each grade and why they are learning it. This awareness will enable parents to communicate with teachers, to offer useful information, and to ask relevant questions about their child's progress. Knowledge of the expectations in various subjects will also help them interpret their child's report card and work with teachers to improve the student's learning. Participating in parent conferences and providing encouragement at home for completing assignments are just some of the many ways parents can show their interest in their child's education.

A Work in Progress

Our curriculum is never finished.  We consider our curriculum a continual work in progress.  Changes occur often in response to changes in the State Curricula, analysis of student achievement data, and recommendations from our staff and community.