Electronic Registration

Directions for completing the online registration:

Please read through the online registration process before beginning:

Complete the online pre-registration process (Here).  Continue the pre-registration through to the "Your Contact Info" page. This is the last page of the pre-registration process and on this page you will receive a six-digit SESSION KEY and will be asked to create a password.  Note this information!  You will need the session key (and possibly the password) later.

Go to the appropriate documents below and complete them.  You will use the SESSION KEY as your signature on the documents.   

When you have completed the documents, save them in an easily located file on your computer.   At this time,  attach your documents to an email to the Instructional Services Office (DPConroy@bataviacsd.org), including proof of residency, child's birth certificate and if you have them, child's immunization/most recent physical records.


Documents Required For All Individual Student Registrations (for example: in a family with 2 children registering, 2 of each document needs to be filled out)

Housing Questionnaire

Residency Authorization Request

Release Of Information

Custody Disclosure Form

Student Racial and Ethnic Identification

Dental Health Certification (Optional)

NYS Migrant Education Form

Lions See Consent Form

Bus Request Form


Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Documents

UPK Registration Important Additional Reading Material

UPK Additional Information

UPK Health History Form

NYS UPK Language Profile

UPK-4 Acceptable Use Policy


Kindergarten Documents

Kindergarten Important Additional Reading Material

Kindergarten Additional Information

Kindergarten Health History Form

NYS Home Language Questionnaire

UPK-4 Acceptable Use Policy

Kindergarten Parent Screening Questionnaire


Grades 1 through 4 Documents 

New Entrant Health History Form

UPK-4 Acceptable Use Policy

NYS Home Language Questionnaire


Grades 5 through 12 Documents 

New Entrant Health History Form

5-12 Acceptable Use Policy

NYS Home Language Questionnaire