District Mission & Vision Statement

The Batavia City School District is committed to empowering students to achieve their maximum potential, while becoming socially responsible citizens.

The Batavia City School District, in partnership with the Batavia community, will provide a safe and nurturing environment to develop students with high moral character who are able to successfully meet life's challenges. 


Faculty/Staff will:

  • create a safe, relevant and engaging learning environment that motivates students to learn while promoting proper health and wellness 

  • commit to continuous improvement and life-long learning

  • use knowledge of each child’s varying life experiences, learning styles, abilities and interests to maximize learning

Students will:

  • contribute to creating a safe, respectful environment

  • put forth their best effort

  • be independent learners and competent problem-solvers who seek help when needed

Families will:

  • make education a priority in the household

  • support the school in promoting a good work ethic and personal responsibility, as well as encouraging health and wellness

  • provide the necessary time, space, and supplies at home for homework and studies to be completed

The Community will:

  • work with the schools to provide authentic experiences for Batavia students 

  • collaborate with the schools to provide opportunities within and outside the school day

  • communicate real-world expectations for future workers