Resources for Parents

As we are hearing more about how to stay physically safe from Coronavirus and other illnesses, we would like to address the mental health needs that you may be seeing or feeling surrounding this topic.  The constant conversations and media coverage can be distracting and overwhelming.  You may notice a wide range of reactions to what is being reported, from excitement to potential changes in schedules to fear and anxiety of the unknown.  Here are some common recommendations to follow:

  • Allow room for questions

  • Stick to facts

  • Allow time away from the topic by limiting access to news coverage/conversations

  • Continue to follow normal routines

  • Focus on what can be controlled (i.e. social distancing, hand washing)

  • Model self-care (eat healthy meals, sleep well, exercise and take deep breaths to handle stress)

  • Encourage positive activities

  • Let students know who, when and where they can go if they need to talk or need a break

  • Listen and validate feelings


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The CDC has extensive resources available regarding coronavirus.