Special Education


Director of Special Education and Alternative Education
Trisha Finnigan



The Batavia City School District is committed to providing all students with a free and appropriate public education.  It is our goal to provide all children with the necessary support and assistance to be successful learners.  In order to meet the needs of a diverse population, the district offers tiered interventions, support services, and special education programming.

A small percentage of the general education population may require more intense or specialized instructions.  These students (ages 3-21 years) may  be referred and identified by either the district committee on Preschool Education (CPSE) or the Committee on Special Education (CSE) as having a disability which interferes with learning.  The CPSE and CSE are multidisciplinary teams of parents and professionals responsible for determining eligibility, coordinating evaluations, and recommending programs or services.  Members of the committee include the child’s parent(s), a school psychologist, a special education teacher, a general education teacher, and the local education agency representative.  Additional participants, such as a building principal, speech/language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, a parent of a child with a disability, and the school physician, may also be present.

The District is committed to identifying children with disabilities and providing necessary, appropriate services and support within the least restrictive environment.  Batavia Schools offer a full continuum of services for students with disabilities in the most inclusive environment possible. Inclusion in the general education classroom, resource room services and self-contained classes are among the special education services offered.