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BCSD Strategic Planning

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Phase 1:

In January 2021, schools participated in the first phase which focused on building upon what is working well in our schools and the district. Participants used a storytelling process to listen and learn from one another about a time when the Batavia City School District and our schools “did right” by a student. This process will allow participants to collectively determine common strengths of the district that will shape our work and culture moving forward. The sessions also allowed participants to envision new ideas to achieve hopes and dreams for the future.

It is an exciting time to hear from staff, students, parents and community members through interactive storytelling, dreaming and planning. Please consider sharing your story!

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.


   Alan Lakein

BCSD strategic planning  information for parents

Batavia's Best: Stories of Us


Phase 2: Spring 2021

Tell us a story of when district staff exemplified Batavia's Mission and Vision.  Key attributes reflected in the Mission and Vision Statements are:

 - empowering students to meet their maximum potential.
 - empowering students to be socially responsible citizens.
 - nurturing students to develop morally high character.
 - enabling students to successfully meet life's challenges.

We will share your story with your school's principal and/or district leaders. We may share your stories with staff and/or community as we enhance our culture of strengths through multi-media opportunities. You can select your story to be anonymous if you choose.

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