Teaching is the Core Grant

The Genesee Valley Educational Partnership is excited to announce the recent award of the Teaching is the Core grant in the amount of $366,969. A consortium, led by the Partnership, SUNY Geneseo and 16 component districts including: Alexander, Attica, Avon, Batavia, Caledonia-Mumford, Dansville, Geneseo, Letchworth, LeRoy, Livonia, Mount Morris, Pavilion, Pembroke, Perry, Wayland-Cohocton, and Wyoming Central School Districts will benefit from the grant through improved assessments, as well as through access to high-quality professional development resources for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

The funding will allow the Genesee Valley Region to improve the overall quality of educational assessments being utilized in districts. By participating in this consortium, instructional leaders will have the opportunity to work with highly respected assessment experts and share that information with regional teachers. Teachers will have the opportunity to work collaboratively, participate in professional development, and become skilled in developing assessments, as well as learning how to more effectively use data from assessments to inform instruction. Students will benefit from the improved assessments designed to maximize their educational progress, as well as from the emphasis on reducing redundant and unneeded testing.  Parent engagement activities will focus on providing parents with a better understanding of data driven instruction and how assessments help drive student programming.

Next steps throughout this one year process:

1.      Districts submit assessment inventory forms.

2.      The Consortium Assessment Review Committee with conduct assessment reviews/audits following extensive training provided by Learner Centered Initiatives (LCI) and Dr. Martin-Kniep.

3.      The review committee will develop comprehensive reports outlining the results from the audit and outline specific recommended action steps for each district.

4.      The Partnership will design a parent engagement programs to include topics about the importance of assessments and use of data to improve instruction for students.

5.      Each district will be supported through professional development offerings to improve assessment implementation within the district to ensure the optimal educational experience for its students.

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