Working Papers for Youth

“An employment certificate, often referred to as "working papers," is required for minors under 18 before they may begin work. High school graduates, minors who work for their parents, and minors who do industrial homework are included in this group.” (from the NYS Department of Labor website)

Working papers for youth ages 11-17 are processed through the Batavia High School Main Office  (260 State St., Batavia; 343-2480 x 2000) by appointment only during the current closure.

To Obtain Working Papers Youth must first... Get information and download the application form . Then...Complete the application form which requires:

  • The signature of your parent or guardian,

  • Your birth record for proof of age, and

  • A doctor’s certificate showing that you physically fit to work. This form can be obtained from the BHS Office. (This certificate is not required for newspaper carrier permits if the applicant is qualified to participate in the school's physical education program.)

For youths to obtain a full-time employment certificate, their parent or guardian must appear in person to give consent. High school graduates can present written consent. In addition, youths must provide proof of age, a certificate of physical fitness, and a schooling record.

For more information, such as hours permitted to work, types of employment, etc., consult the NYS Department of Labor website.